myONcore Services


myONcore has partnered with NRCSA to provide services to member and non-member schools in Nebraska. For any school district or ESU to contact myONcore, they can contact NRCSA Executive Director Jack Moles to be placed in contact with myONcore.  Your district will contract directly with myONcore for services you choose.



myONcore is a Registered Dietitian consultation service and online menu planning solution.


The service includes:


Evaluation completed by myOncore’s registered dietitians

Customized plan based off evaluation findings and district goals

Nutritional analysis of unique items/recipes uploaded to the district’s account

Free access to customized online menu planning software

Hands-on training on that clearly displays and teaches federal guidelines

Menu development and review to ensure compliance

Help preparing for an administrative review

Receive additional consulting support, as needed by the district. features tools to:


  • Build daily, weekly, and monthly menus
  • Visually see whether your menus are compliant
  • Borrow compliant menus
  • Calculate serving and meal costs
  • Access thousands of manufacturer items, standardized recipes, and commodities
  • See per-calculated nutritional and meal pattern information
  • Generate reports for:

Weekly compliance

Order inventory

Production Records

Multi-Day production records

  • Store production records digitally
  • Receive personalized training and customer support


The benefits of myONcore include:


  • Reduced workload for the district’s foodservice director
  • Further understanding and learning of federal guidelines
  • Ensuring menus are compliant with USDA guidelines
  • Increased student participation and nutritional quality
  • Better cost and inventory control
  • Improved staff efficiency

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