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Stapleton Public Schools



Perkins County Schools

Wayne Community Schools



Arnold Public Schools

Callaway Public Schools

Maywood Public Schools

Ord Public Schools



Ravenna Public Schools

Superior Public Schools

Valentine Community Schools



“The NRSCA goal setting and board planning sessions enabled us to focus our efforts and decide what truly matters to our board, staff, students, and community members.  These goals will determine the direction of our future decisions.”


Dr. Dawn Lewis – Superintendent, Arnold and Callaway Public Schools




“Ord Public Schools utilized the NRCSA Board of Education Planning Process for the first time in March of 2017.  The board appreciated the ability to customize the planning process according to their needs and NRCSA Consultants were professional and courteous regarding the Boards Topics of Discussion.  The guidance provided by the NRCSA organization allowed the board to discuss  their accomplishments and openly and honestly conduct strategic planning for the upcoming school year and beyond.  The end result was a list of SMART Goals that will guide the decision making of the policy makers in the coming years.”


Jason Alexander – Superintendent, Ord Public Schools




Other Comments from Workshop Participants: 


“Great job opening our minds to think about the broad picture”

“Gets meaningful decisions to take place”

“We were looking for and got unbiased guidance”

“Brings us all together”

“Focused and included all points of view”

“Helped us focus our intentions”

“Effective, explained things well”

“Liked the guidance and structure of the meetings”

"It was a great way to learn what others thought of our school system"

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