• NRCSA Represents over 88,000 students in school systems across Nebraska.
  • NRCSA has 221 member schools, Educational Service Units, and State colleges in 90 counties and 25 legislative districts across Nebraska.


The Association has adopted the following statements of purpose to guide our efforts:

  1. To promote the general advancement of public education in Nebraska.
  2. To provide a voice or direct influence on behalf of rural schools and partner with other associations and entities when appropriate.
  3. To provide, when necessary, a direct voice in legislative matters affecting schools.
  4. To promote active involvement of rural community based schools in policies and programs of state and national educational organizations.
  5. To serve as liaison with the Nebraska Department of Education on issues concerning member schools.
  6. To provide a forum for the discussion of contemporary issues.
  7. To provide opportunities for recognizing and promoting quality rural education programs.
  8. To recognize individuals who have demonstrated leadership in promoting quality rural education in Nebraska.
  9. To adopt other purposes the Executive Committee and/or members of the Association deem appropriate, always acting in compliance with the Nebraska Non-Profit Corporation Act and any other applicable laws.