Why Become a Member of NRCSA?

  • We are the only organization focused on rural community K-12 school districts and their role in Nebraska’s public education system.  Depth of membership matters when talking to senators and other officials. Senators view NRCSA as representing all “rural, community school districts”.  The more members we have, the larger the true number of districts and students represented, the stronger our voice.
  • NRCSA can act as a forum for advancing ideas and concerns, whether legislative, Department of Education, or any entity having a role in public education.  This has included representing members to groups such as the Concussion Coalition, rural education research groups, Project Fit America, rural membership advocacy groups, NDE Policy Partners, and NREA committee participation.
  • NRCSA offers two annual statewide events (Legislative Forum and Spring Conference) which offer our members the chance to learn about issues affecting rural schools, network with personnel representing other districts, and interact directly with policymakers as well as NRCSA leaders.
  • NRCSA offers recognition to those who demonstrate outstanding leadership and character in rural schools through exceptional scholarship and awards programs (sixteen $2,000 scholarships, seven Outstanding Educator Awards, fourteen Closing the Achievement Gap Effective School Awards).
  • NRCSA provides monthly written updates from the Executive Director on current association activities and involvement within the legislative process.
  • NRCSA currently offers leadership roles, nine elected and 45 appointed positions, for superintendents of member districts to be further involved.
  • NRCSA is one of forty-three state rural community school organizations belonging to the National Rural Education Association (NREA). As a state affiliate, NRCSA offers discounted individual and school memberships to the NREA. The NREA provides a strong and respected advocacy for rural public education on the national level.
  • NRCSA offers the NRCSA-USbank OneCard program to all school districts and service units statewide as a NRCSA program. The OneCard is a Visa purchase-only card that allows designated personnel to make purchases for the district. Thus eliminating the need to carry cash, or for staff to use their personal credit/debit card and go through a reimbursement process. NRCSA receives a portion of the interchange income generated by use of the cards.
  • NRCSA is able to partner toward making events available to members, such as the annual NREA Research Symposium and Conference.
  • NRCSA provides elective services such as One Card Purchase Card, Superintendent Search, Planning Support, Speech Teletherapy, myONcore, and Project Fit America programs to date.