USBank One Card


The Nebraska Rural Community Schools Association has a purchasing card program for school districts. Nebraska school districts can now choose the convenience of a card program that unites the power of a purchasing card, a corporate card, and a fleet card.

NRCSA Receives a percentage of the transaction fees from the use of the cards. There is no cost to the district to implement the program unless they wish to have their school logo on the card instead of the NRCSA logo.

The OneCard program from USbank can increase efficiencies, improve controls, and provide employees with the convenience they want. The program allows each school district to manage school purchases and transactions with just one process. Features include:

  • Current Accounting System Integration
  • Enhanced data capabilities
  • Travel insurance and emergency travel services
  • Full reporting for complete expense management
  • Definable individual credit limits

Participating districts sign their own agreement and manage their own program. Each school district also completes an application and participation addendum to enroll. Consider the benefits of participation:

  • Cards issued to the school district tax ID
  • 30-day billing cycles with 14 days to remit payment
  • $100,000 Visa liability
  • Online program management
  • Simple program implementation
  • Dollar-transaction-merchant-and department-specific limits 

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