About the Service

NRCSA operates the Superintendent Search Service as part of our commitment to maintaining the vitality of rural schools and communities.

Finding the right Superintendent for your rural school and community is one of the most important tasks a Board of Education will ever undertake, and selecting the right Superintendent search service is a crucial part of that task. Fortunately, you can have a partner at your side with more than 40 years of experience in serving the needs of rural community schools – NRCSA.

Why Choose NRCSA ? Not all Superintendent search services are the same.   NRCSA can make a difference for you! 

  • Since 1980, NRCSA has represented Nebraska’s rural community schools.  We represent the Board-Superintendent teams that lead rural schools and the rural communities they serve.
  • NRCSA’s focus is solely on rural schools and communities.  Your schools are the reason we exist and we are dedicated as an organization to serving them effectively. You are our priority!
  • NRCSA understands rural school leadership.  Our Superintendent Search consultants are experienced, successful former rural community school Superintendents.   They know what it takes to be an effective educational leader in a Nebraska community.
  • NRCSA isn’t done when your Superintendent search is completed.  We’ll work with your new Superintendent and Board to bring about a smooth transition.

Our Consultants… We’ll assign two NRCSA consultants to your search and they’ll work with you from the initial planning meeting to the post-selection transition.  Our consultants actively recruit and personally screen all applicants, assist you in selecting finalists, help with your interview and selection process, and facilitate the transition to new leadership. 

A NRCSA Search... We will help your Board carry out a five-phase search plan, including:

  • Comprehensive planning with the Board, faculty/staff and community.  We’ll work with you to develop a community engagement plan, build district and candidate profiles, and analyze comparable salary and contract language. 
  • Active recruiting and screening.  We broadly advertise your vacancy, actively seek out candidates that fit your profile, use our consultants’ extensive personal networks to effectively screen candidates, check for proper certification, and handle the paperwork burden of a search.
  • Finalist selection.  Our consultants provide your Board with each applicant’s materials, make recommendations on those best suited to the position, and arrange for a formal background check of finalists chosen by the Board.  
  • Interviews.  We help your Board and faculty/community groups develop interview questions and facilitate the interview day.  We’ll be there to assist you throughout.
  • Transition.  Our consultants meet with the Board and new Superintendent once he/she is on duty to get your new leadership team off to a great start.

What Does It Cost?   A NRCSA Superintendent Search costs $5,500 for member schools ($6,500 for non-members) and includes all expenses except newspaper advertising and consultant travel to your district for meetings.  There is no additional charge for office expense, background checks, etc. 

Does NRCSA Offer a Lower-Cost Option?   Yes.  A reduced-price search, with more limited services, is offered for $3,000 plus the reimbursable expenses listed above for member schools ($4,000 for non-members).

For Further Information…We look forward to a face-to-face presentation to your Board should the need for a Superintendent search arise.  Contact Jack Moles, Executive Director, at (402) 335-7732 or jmoles@nrcsa.net.

NRCSA Search Service Brochure

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