Application Materials

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Application Instructions

455 S. 11TH St., Suite B
Lincoln, NE 68508
(402) 335-7732

All application materials for positions through the NRCSA Superintendent Search Service must be sent to NRCSA, not to the Board of Education of the searching district.  Applicants are asked not to make contact with the Board of Education members while the search is being conducted.   All application materials are to be sent via e-mail to the NRCSA office at the e-mail address above.  The Notification/Disclosures/Authorization Pages must be completed entirely, signed, and e-mailed with the rest of the application materials to the NRCSA office at the e-mail address above.  All application materials must be received by 5:00 PM on the closing date listed. Upon your application for a position, your application materials are open to the Board of Education and consultants, and open to the public if you are selected as a finalist.

Generally, only completed applications will be forwarded to the Board of Education for consideration.  However, the Board of Education retains the right to waive that requirement at its discretion.  A completed application, submitted electronically, includes: 

(1) An application letter addressed to the Board of Education.  Please include reasons for your interest in the position and a summary of significant accomplishments in your background. 

(2) A current resume.

(3) A completed NRCSA Application Form

(4) Completed and signed copies of the Notification/Disclosures/Authorizations Form sent to the NRCSA office at the e-mail address above.

(5) A copy of your Nebraska Administrative and Supervisory Certificate endorsed for the Superintendency, OR evidence of eligibility for such a certificate and endorsement, or provisional endorsement.

If you are fully certificated and endorsed as a superintendent in Nebraska

A copy of your certificate is all that is required.

If you hold a certificate with a provisional superintendent endorsement in Nebraska

A written document from an adviser for your program is optional in stating details such as courses remaining and an expected completion date, but will be helpful to the Board of Education in understanding your commitment to completion, in addition to a copy of your certificate.

If you are from out of state or do not hold a Nebraska certificate with superintendent endorsement or provisional endorsement

Written documentation from the Nebraska Department of Education stating the status of your certification in Nebraska is required, in addition to a copy of your certificate. If you are already in a program toward completing this transition, a letter from an adviser will substitute for the NDE letter.

No contract will be issued by the Board of Education until proof of appropriate certification is provided.

(6) Transcripts of all graduate study leading to the degree that makes you eligible for the Nebraska Superintendency.

(7) A minimum of three recent letters of recommendation from persons other than those listed on the NRCSA application form.

(8) Such other supporting documents as you may wish to submit.  Please keep such submissions to a minimum. NRCSA will make one copy for the board of education.

Copies of all application materials submitted will be retained by NRCSA. The Board of Education will retain a copy of the successful candidate’s application materials.

Applicants should keep copies of their application materials for updating for subsequent search applications.

The NRCSA Application Form is designed to be generic and you may authorize NRCSA to use it in further NRCSA searches, but it is the applicant’s responsibility to update the letter of application and any other references regarding subsequent applications for another NRCSA search.  The Notifications/Disclosures/Authorizations signed forms are valid for one search season.  After one year, newly completed and signed forms must be electronically submitted. 

Questions regarding the completion of application materials can be addressed to the NRCSA Office.  NRCSA search consultants assigned to the search may also follow up with the applicant.

Dan Bird
(308) 730-1876

Robert Hanger
(402) 340-3855

James Havelka
(402) 620-1705

Fred Helmink
(402) 587-0440

Cynthia Huff
(308) 340-5079

Mark Norvell
(402) 759-1100

Amy Shane
(402) 340-3126

Robin Stevens
(402) 615-4095

Caroline Winchester
(308) 750-7753