Planning Support Experience


  • Cambridge Public Schools


  • Adams Central Public Schools
  • Bayard Public Schools


  • Educational Service Unit 6
  • Rock County Schools
  • Syracuse-Dunbar-Avoca Schools


  • Madison Public Schools
  • Freeman Public Schools


  • Twin River Public Schools


  • Stapleton Public Schools


  • Perkins County Schools
  • Wayne Community Schools


  • Arnold Public Schools
  • Callaway Public Schools
  • Maywood Public Schools
  • Ord Public Schools


  • Ravenna Public Schools
  • Superior Public Schools
  • Valentine Community Schools


This activity produced:

"Good ideas and goals"

"Community input"

"Conversation and organization of thoughts and ideas"

Bayard Public Schools


The NRCSA planning process provides:

"A strength and needs list generated for the District"

"A streamlined approach to establish central ideas"

"Team input, encouraging discussion and collaboration"

"Collaboration with the whole team"

"A straight forward and simple approach"

"A very organized and structured process, able to cover a lot of ideas"

Adams Central Public Schools


Other Comments from Workshop Participants: 

"Knowledgeable, great value"

“Great job opening our minds to think about the broad picture”

“Gets meaningful decisions to take place”

“We were looking for and got unbiased guidance”

“Brings us all together”

“Focused and included all points of view”

“Helped us focus our intentions”

“Effective, explained things well”

“Liked the guidance and structure of the meetings”

"It was a great way to learn what others thought of our school system"