NRCSA Reopening & Remote Learning Projects


The Nebraska Rural Community Schools Association and the Educational Service Unit Coordinating Council worked together on a Remote Learning Project.  The goal of the project was to not only provide a resource for teachers in remote learning programs, but also to provide help for administrators in support of remote learning programs.  There is also a section in the administrator side to provide help to parents.  The project is the product of the work of over 80 Nebraska educators, including Superintendents/ESU Administrators, SPED Directors, Technology Directors, Teaching Coaches, Mental Health Practitioners, and Staff Development Directors.  The work was divided into committees, with each committee co-chaired by a Superintendent and an ESU Administrator.  I am extremely proud of the great collaborative work that was demonstrated in this project.  Please note as you look at the project that we basically completed most of the project simply during the month of November.



NRCSA Reopening Document: Considerations for Reopening